Free Office Snacks Adding 1,000 Calories Per Week

June 13, 2018

© Damedeeso | Dreamstime

All those cakes, cookies and brownies brought in to the break room are really adding calories to our diet.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently conducted a study to determine how many unhealthy foods employees consume while on the job. After analyzing the results, they found that nearly a quarter of the participants received food from work at least once a week averaging almost 1,300 calories. More than 70% of those calories came from food that was free. Furthermore, not only were the foods high in calories, they also contained added sugars and high amounts of sodium. They also included very few whole grains and fruit. The researchers are encouraging employers to implement worksite wellness programs to promote healthier eating. They also believe foods in cafeterias or vending machines should follow proper food service guidelines.

SOURCE: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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