The Four Kinds Of People On Facebook

July 7, 2017

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What kind of Facebook poster are you? Researchers have boiled the billions of Facebook users down into four groups: relationship builders, town criers, selfies and window shoppers. And why have we divided the world into four categories?  Brigham Young University researchers says knowing what category you fall into could actually be good for users, and 'raise self-awareness.' RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS post, respond to others' posts and use additional Facebook features primarily in an attempt to fortify relationships that exist beyond their virtual world. They use the site as an extension of their real life, with their family and real-life friends. TOWN CRIERS want to inform everybody about what's going on.  Rather than sharing photos, experiences or other information about themselves, they constantly repost news stories, announce events - but may otherwise neglect their profile pages, preferring to update family and friends through alternative means. SELFIES, like relationship builders, post a lot of pictures, videos and text but do it for self-attention, likes and comments. They use social media for acceptance and use the platform 'to present an image of themselves, whether it's accurate or not.' WINDOW SHOPPERS rarely post and use the platform to see what other people are doing. They're the social-media equivalent of people watchers.  Study authors say it’s common for users to identify with more than one group.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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