Four Colors That Decrease The Value Of Your Home

April 13, 2018


We found out earlier this week that putting your house up for sale can make you more money and sell in less time if you do it in May.  However your house may miss the boat depending on the color choices used inside.  Zillow analyzed 50,000 homes across the country to find that color decisions within a home can affect the final sale price of the home by over $1,000, give or take. The study revealed that while we all may not agree on our color choices, there are four paint colors in particular that should be avoided in order to get the maximum sale price for our homes. Slate Gray, Off-white, Terracotta and dark brown can strip away profits and make your home harder to sell. While gray is a popular interior color, homeowners who chose to use slate gray on their dining room walls, for example, got $1,100 below the expected sale price for their home. In contrast, living room walls that were painted dove or light gray helped increased a home’s value by $1,100. The study found that the use of off-white in some spaces, especially kitchens, can make them feel flat or dead. Terracotta is a bold color and can put a dent of over $700 on the value of your home. Zillow found that homes with terracotta-colored living rooms sold for less than the expected value. Dark brown has been referred to as dirty, tar and even death. It is such a horrible color that the Australian government almost used it as the color on cigarette packaging to make smoking less appealing. When used in a bathroom or bedroom, dark brown lowered the final sale price by up to $469.

SOURCE: SimpleMost

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