Foreign Drivers Accidentally Begin Police Chase When They Didn't Stop For Flashing Lights

August 15, 2016


When you see red or blue flashing light when driving, the driving manual says to pull to the side of the road.  Unfortunately for a Chinese family visiting the United States, they were unaware of that particular rule of the road and ended up being the subject of a multi-police car chase.  A San Diego, California police cruiser had spotted a white SUV driving erratically on the Interstate last week and attempted to pull it over.  Other units joined in the chase began as the SUV refused to stop.  Eventually, the chase ended as the SUV pulled over and out comes the driver, a woman with a very stunned look.  However the police didn’t know what was going on, so they get out their guns and proceed to find out why the SUV refused to stop.  A potentially international event was averted when police discovered the driver and her family were on vacation from China who didn’t understand that when police turn on their lights and sirens, you pull over. After police explained what to do when lights are flashing, the family was allowed to continue to their destination with only a warning.


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