Footloose For Real: Valentine's Dance Cancelled Because Dancing Is Illegal

February 9, 2017

© Daniele D\'urso | Dreamstime

Straight out of Footloose, a small Oklahoma town has cancelled a Valentine's Day dance because of a city ordinance that forbids dancing.  Many years ago, the town of Henryetta tried to regulate morality and passed a law forbidding dancing within 500 feet of a place of worship.  Rosie LaVon's Marketplace was planning on hosting a dance but it is within 300 feet of a church.  Although Mayor Jennifer Clason, a lifelong resident said she had never heard about the law and the chief of police stating he would not enforce the ordinance, LaVon decided to cancel the dance as her husband is the city attorney.  But there is hope that next Valentine's Day, as the city council plan to address the arcane law on February 22nd.


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