Foods That Fight Chronic Back Pain

November 7, 2017

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Chronic back pain is a pain in the butt!  Almost 2/3 of Americans experience it every day and while exercising, posture and weight can make it better or worse, your diet can be key in reducing the pain. The golden rule in fighting back pain with food is to consume foods with anti-inflammatory properties.  Such as kale, and most dark leafy greens, are packed with vitamin K, which is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Olive oil not only has anti-inflammatory properties but it’s filled with antioxidants.  One antioxidants is called oleocanthal which is a chemical that's been shown to work like ibuprofen for pain in the body. Ginger is the superfood to end all superfoods. It contains extremely powerful anti-inflammatories called gingerols, which have been proven to significantly reduce pain in arthritic individuals. Salmon is packed with the omega 3 fatty acid, a healthy fat known to help those living with chronic pain. The spice turmeric is an incredibly powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Coffee contains anti-inflammatories such as polyphenols that work to reduce pain. Probably the biggest surprise is the herb, thyme.  Scientist aren't exactly sure why but thyme can reduce your perception of pain, acting as a natural painkiller.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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