Foods That Can Cause Nightmares

September 27, 2017

© Elena Elisseeva | Dreamstime

Not too many people are fans of nightmares (other than on the movie screen) so reduce your risk of having those troubling dreams by avoiding these foods: Spicy foods have long been associated with bad dreams and loading up on spicy foods can not only alter your dreams, but can also increase your chances of remembering them due to the fact that these foods usually cause indigestion. BE careful of cheese. A recent study found the most frequent foods mentioned as causing both disturbing (44%) and bizarre (39%) dreams were, in fact, dairy, including cheese, milk, and ice cream. Chocolate is high in caffeine and can cause bad dreams.  Apple Cider Vinegar. One spoonful of apple cider vinegar before you snooze can potentially result in some eerily realistic dreams throughout the night. A good rule of thumb is to avoid foods three hours before bedtime.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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