Foods That Boost Your Immune System

October 17, 2016


It is mid-October and we're starting to get a little taste of fall weather.  Fall also ushers in the cold and flu season and while the flu shot is available, wither you get one or not, you can prep your body's defenses with these 10 foods. Raw garlic-it has great anti-viral properties. Slice up a clove and add it to you food or sauces.  Blueberries-full of health benefits and huge in antioxidants.  Add to your breakfast smoothie. Homemade Chicken Soup-again a lot of anti-viral properties and by making it yourself, you know you are getting the benefits without added sodium or sugars. Sweet Potato-they're rich in beta-carotene which turns into vitamin A, and in turn helps boost the digestive system and blocks harmful, cold-causing bacteria. Almonds-they're said to contain properties in the skin which help fight infection. Yogurt- its' good bacteria will battle the bad bacteria festering inside your body. Cauliflower-an often overlooked all around superfood full of antioxidants. Finally, Water-yep plain ol' water. Drink as much of the stuff as you can as it helps keep the body fighting fit by flushing out toxins.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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