Foods To Avoid Cooking On The Backyard Grill

June 19, 2017

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The summer air is filled with the smells of grilled foods but not all foods should be cooked over an open flame, says Chefs who think we need a refresher course on what should be cooked over coals and what shouldn't.  For instance, grilling a pizza. While a pizzeria uses an open flame to cook, most home grills heat unevenly, leaving sections of your pie uncooked while others charred beyond recognition. Although pizza may be an unusual food to cook on the grill, a steak is more at home on the grill.  Well not all of them. While a ribeye cooks beautifully, a filet mignon shouldn't be cooked on the grill. Filet Mignon have little to no fat, the substances that gives a steak that nice caramelization color. If you insist on cooking a Filet Mignon on the grill, pre-cook it in a pan and sear the outside in a cast-iron pan so that the juices stay inside.  That holds true for any lean meat, such as pork and salmon, which generally comes off the grill dry.  Even the beloved hamburger can end up dry over the flame, so key Chefs suggest using a plancha, an iron griddle which can even out that uneven grill heat and sear the outside of your burgers so they are juicy.  Finally Chefs suggest you stop grilling shish kababs because proteins and vegetables cook differently, which is why your veggies are burnt and your meats are barely cooked. They suggest separating the meats from the veggies so you can cook them the proper times and then assembling them afterwards.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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