Foods That Are Cheaper To Make Than Buy

June 28, 2018

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There are some foods that are simply easier and cheaper to make at home. Not only can be cheaper, they can be fun to make.  But there are some foods that are simply cheaper to buy at the store than make yourself.  For instance, your Instant Pot offers a recipe for you to make you own yogurt and while the Instant Pot makes it easy, is it cheaper? Absolutely!  While a single quart of whole milk yogurt costs about $2-$3, all you need to make your own yogurt is a half-gallon of milk, which roughly costs $1.80 and half a cup of yogurt with active cultures, which you can easily obtain for less than $3. But instead of a quart of yogurt, you have two quarts and you have complete control of the amount of flavors and sugars, which can be high in store-bought varieties. Now on to bread. Considering you already have a bread maker and the ingredients, you can make a loaf for around $2.50, which is about the same costs of buying at the store.  However homemade bread may not have the shelf life and grow mold faster.  Make sure to store slices of it in the freezer. Finally, make your own almond milk is expensive. Although you only need raw almonds, a cup of them is going to make around 14 ounces and set you back $5 or $6, while a half gallon carton at the store costs roughly $3.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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