Foods With Activated Charcoal Could Render Your Prescribed Medications Useless

June 13, 2017

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Charcoal ice creams and coffees are popping up on menus across the country as many turn to activated charcoal as a way to detox their bodies and improve your digestive health.  It is even marketed as a hangover cure.

Although black-colored ice cream and coffee could range from health to nothing but a gimmick to get you to buy, there is a seemingly overlooked and potentially dangerous side effect of ingesting activated charcoal.  Activated charcoal is very absorbent, so much so that it is used to counteract a medicine overdose. So while you enjoy your Goth Coffee and ice cream, you could be rendering your prescribed medication, such as birth control and antidepressants, completely useless. The absorption properties can even absorb Acetaminophen.  It may be worth a conversation with your doctor about ingesting activated charcoal in foods and supplements to make sure you are not causing your prescribed medications to become less effective.

SOURCE: Metro & WedMD

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