Food You Didn't Know you Can Cook In The Microwave

August 25, 2017


While many only use the microwave to re-heat leftovers or pop a bag of popcorn.  But your microwave is capable of cooking so much more, like cooking spaghetti, eggs and even brownies!  Good Housekeeping has a guide on how to cook spaghetti in 8 minutes by placing the pasta with oil in a bowl filled with water. The microwave will be able to heat the water faster than your stovetop. Poached, sunny side up or scrambled eggs can easily be made in the microwave. Scrambled eggs in a mug in 90 seconds and frying an egg using a plate. You can even use your microwave to toast nuts and breadcrumbs and even dehydrate fruits.  To do this, use the lowest power setting for about 10 minutes. Get the specifics for these and other items to cook in the microwave & CLICK HERE.

SOURCE: Good Housekeeping

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