Is Food Safe To Eat if You Find A Hair in It?

August 3, 2017

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You are out enjoying dinner with your family.  As you prepare to eat that delicious plate of food you discover a hair in the food...and it isn't yours! Eww! But it beacons the question, do you send the food back as it is tainted?  While your mind created a picture that would creep out the heartiest of people, Gastroenterologists say there's no harm in eating around the hair or removing it from your food.  In fact, you probably eat human hair on a daily basis without even knowing it. L-cysteine, the amino acid found in human hair, poultry feathers or synthesized in a lab, is often used as an additive to preserve food!  The source of that amino acid mostly comes from human hair as there is twice as much in it compared to poultry feathers and considerably cheaper than synthetic versions. The only time you should ever be remotely concerned about hair in your food is if you somehow ingested a whole head's worth of strands. So if you are even more creeped out than before, insist of foods with no preservatives or additives.

SOURCE: Mother Jones

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