Fold Denim Jeans In A Split Second

August 23, 2016


If you've ever wished for a faster way to fold clothes, we might have the system that does just that, at least for denim jeans. A Serbian man has shared a video of his system that perfectly fold a pair of jeans in a split second. The system?  Step 1-fold the jeans in half lengthwise.  Step 2 is to bend your right leg and it out in front with the lengthwise-folded jeans in front of it.  Step 3- While still holding the jeans, a quick knee jerk upwards flicks the jeans into itself where you complete the folding in a split second.  OK it's not a simple solution but it will make the mundane task of folding jeans a bit more entertaining. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail (video shows you how to do it)

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