Flu Shots For Dogs

January 31, 2017

Flu shots have been around for a while for humans and soon, you’ll may be able to get one for your dog too.  Two new vaccines have been developed for dog flu, which is just as common to dogs are the human flu is to us. The vaccine has proven to protect mice from being infected with H3N8 influenza, a common flu strain in dogs. The inoculations wouldn’t just protect pets, they could also guard against the possibility of dogs transmitting dangerous flu strains to humans, although there is no case of this ever happening. The researchers hope their vaccine will eventually be used to curb the spread of dog flu in shelters and kennels, and to protect beloved pets as well as their owners. Although there is a current dog flu vaccine on the market, it is an inactive form of the virus and is “lifestyle vaccine”, which The American Veterinary Medical Association and does not recommend for every dog. The new vaccine needs further testing before being considered for the market.


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