Florida's Very Own Burger King Get Guinness Certified

January 31, 2017

© Nevodka | Dreamstime

Believe it or not, there is a real life Burger King and his lives in Daytona Beach!  No, not the creepy mascot of the Burger King fast food chain but a man named Harry "Hamburger Harry" Sperl.  He holds the Guinness World Record for the "Largest collection of hamburger related items.”  With the purchase of 5 fake hamburgers 26 years ago to use as a prop for vintage drive-in car window tray, “Hamburger Harry” now has almost 4,000 hamburger-related items in his collection, which includes a $3,500 cheeseburger water bed, happy meal cheeseburger toys, burger posters and a burger shaped "Hamburger Harley." Now with his world record certified, "Hamburger Harry" hopes to build a museum to share his collection with the world, of course in the shape of a hamburger.

SOURCE: Guinness World Records

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