Florida Woman Swims Up And Bites Off Fishing Line

August 18, 2017


It seemed like an ordinary Tuesday evening in St. Augustine. A picturesque moment in time that prompted a man to rent a fishing pole to see what he could catch off the St. Johns County Pier. But is summer and this is Florida so naturally you'd have a woman swim up to his fishing line, curse him out and used her teeth to bite off the man's fishing line and swam off with his lure rigging!  Sheriff Deputies arrived and easily "caught" 22-year old Alexandria Turner.  While questioning her about the incident, she created a scene and upset the "sense of public norm at the pier.  To top it off, she began a string of profanities while deputies attempted to handcuff her. Deputies arrested Turner on suspicion of disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest without violence. Thank you, Florida!

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