Florida Woman Sets Car On Fire, Thinking It was her Ex's.

September 7, 2016


Love can make you do some strange things. But even as scorn as you become, destroying your ex's property, especially by setting it ablaze is not a good idea.  19 year old Carmen Chamblee of Clearwater wanted to show her ex-boyfriend what a mistake he made by breaking up with her.  So she bicycled over to his neighborhood, spotted a white 4 door sedan he drove, and lit it on fire.  But two things were not in Carmen's favor.  First the car she set on fire was not that of her boyfriend but a complete stranger and the stranger caught everything on a home surveillance camera.  Footage shows Carmen fanning the flames and stoking the fire.  After the Clearwater police posted the video, the community quickly identified Carmen and she was arrested on second degree arson. Watch the video:

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times

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