Florida Woman Flirts With Cop By Calling 911 32 Times In A Day

March 7, 2018


Use 9-1-1 for emergencies. Use Tinder for dating.  Some good advice for a woman living in a Leesburg hotel who allegedly called 9-1-1 32 times in an effort to get the responding police officer's attention.  Police say Melissa Harbor originally called 911 when she heard a noise from inside her hotel room and was scared.  Apparently the responding officer is very attractive as Melissa called 911 again after the officer left.  Upon returning, she was 'very flirtatious and suggested I bring her back some ice cream'. The third call Mellissa made to 911 was a mistake and fourth call was also a mistake as she says she thought she thought she was calling for a pizza to be delivered.  Even after the officer warned Melissa not to abuse the 911 system, she continued to call a total of 27 times from her Leesburg hotel room and the last five calls were placed from her hotel room in Tavares; all within a day!  The officer arrested Melissa for misuse of 911 and considering she is currently on probation, her arrest means she has violated the terms of her probation.

SOURCE: Click Orlando

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