Florida Woman Assaults Husband For Forgetting Wedding Anniversary

March 27, 2018


It is common for married couples to have a tiff every now and then.  However when the Pasco County Sheriff's Office is called out because you forgot your wedding anniversary, you land in our Only In Florida segment.  Last Thursday (3/22) 35-year-old Carol Stone and her husband of Zephyrhills should've been celebrating their wedding anniversary.  However, according to Pasco County deputies, the husband drew a blank and forgot the date.  While most cases of husband's forgetting a wedding anniversary would end up sleeping on the couch, Carol became enraged and “smacked the victim multiple times” in his head and face, leaving red marks and scratches.  The husband recorded the assault on his phones and showed it to deputies with Carol admitting she battered her husband because he forgot their anniversary. Stone was charged with domestic battery.

SOURCE: Fox 13

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