A Florida White Woman's Beatdown Of A White Racist Woman Goes Viral

August 25, 2017


Racism continues to be an issue our society can't seem move past and most recently it appears to be more in the open and hateful than it has for quite some time.  As for Colleen Dagg of Miami, she has had enough of it.  !!--WARNING--UNEDITED STRONG LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE IN THE VIDEO--!!

Although it isn't completely clear what initially caused this incident but a video captures a white woman making hateful statements about Haitians and a black security guard of their apartment building.  The video starts with Coleen, who is also white, taking of her shoes while the racist woman taunts her. When the racist woman shoved Coleen, she unloaded a rapid fire set of fist punches, while Coleen calls her out the woman on her racist statement.  Eventually police arrived and it isn't known if Coleen or the other woman were charged with a crime nor is it known if the racist woman was injured. 

The video has gone viral with overwhelming support from people who applaud Coleen for taking a stand against racism.  While physical violence is never encouraged, Coleen points out how the other woman felt it was okay to make racial statements to her because she too was white, but it turns out the racist woman was wrong.


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