Florida Teacher Denied Spanish Speaking Job Because She Doesn't Speak Spanish Sues

July 27, 2016

Get ready to scratch your head on this one.  A Tracy Rosner of Palmetto Bay is suing the Miami-Dade School Board because she did not get a job teaching Spanish because she doesn't know how to speak Spanish.  The 3rd grade teacher at Coral Reef Elementary applied to teach an extended foreign language track last year, which required teaching in English at one hour of foreign language instruction daily.  The job is in English Reading and Composition and although Rosner can speak and teach English, she does not know Spanish. The district requires those who teach Spanish to speak Spanish as well, which Rosner doesn't.  She filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the district’s policy of only hiring Spanish speakers was discriminatory against non-Spanish speakers. The lawsuit also alleged that the teacher is fully qualified for the job and could have fulfilled its requirements so long as the school assigned a Spanish-speaking teacher for the foreign language parts. Miami-Dade School Board attorneys are in the process of filing a formal response in court.

Source: Miami New Times

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