Florida Shopkeepers Charged With Possessing Gun Disguised As Walking Cane

October 17, 2016


Although the weapon of choice by Batman's nemesis, The Penguin, a rifle disguised as an umbrella is not only illegal but can land you some serious jail time, as two Florida men have recently found out.  52-year-old Thomas Joseph Willi and 37-year-old Jarvis Nelson Osorio, owners of Outbreak Ordnance on Big Pine Key were sentences to more than two years in prison and each fined half a million dollars for illegally possessing a gun disguised as a walking cane.   But this wasn’t the only disguised gun in their possession.  The two were initially charged with illegal holding of other guns disguised as items such as pens and flashlights but pleaded guilty to a single count of possessing a .38-caliber gun that looks like a walking cane.  Firearms that are disguised as other items are tightly controlled under the 1934 National Firearms Act.


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