Florida Sheriff Deputy Beans Suspect With Can Of Baked Beans

June 6, 2018


When a sheriff deputy uses a can of beans to thwart a robber, you know it must be an only in Florida story.  This one takes us to Bay County where a man was inside a convenience store where he was threatening to kill people with a weapon.  Store employees sought safety by moving outside the store and called the sheriff's office for help. Thee deputies quickly arrived including Major Jimmy Stanford who was on his lunch break near by.  While figuring out how to handle the situation, the man started to come towards the deputies.  That's when Major Stanford leaped into action, quickly grabbing two cans of Bush's extra-brown-sugar baked beans and throwing them at the man, beaning him in the head. It was enough for the suspect to be taken into custody.

SOURCE: Newsweek

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