Florida Raccoons Stuck In California

January 19, 2017

© Mmulligan Dreamstime

Apparently some Florida raccoons had the ride of their lifetime and ended up in California.  It happened when a Ft. Meyers man packed up all his belongings in to a moving van and was preparing to head to a small California town just north of San Francisco.  Before he left Florida, someone broke into his moving van.  While a few items were being stolen, a pregnant raccoon sought refuge inside the van.  Unknowingly the man traveled across country last November with what turned out to be 5 stowaways.  He noticed the raccoon family, in poor health, as he was unpacking and contacted a wildlife rehabilitation group to care of them.  However it became legal problem for the group because the raccoons were not native to California. The Florida raccoons could not be released into the California wilderness nor could the raccoons be shipped back due to Fish and Wildlife interstate regulations. Thanks to the help of the Oakland Zoo, the raccoons are in a mandatory 90 day quarantine, which will expire next month.  The wildlife rehabilitation group, WildCare, says they are still searching for a permanent home for the animals.


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