Florida Offers Free Zika Kits For Expecting Mothers

August 4, 2016

So far, 15 people in Florida have been infected by the Zika virus as health officials scurry to address the potential epidemic.  The virus, spread by mosquitos, is especially devastating to pregnant women as the virus causes birth defects. The CDC is warning pregnant women and those planning on becoming pregnant to avoid travel to south Florida, in particular the Wynwood arts district.  Florida now offers free Zika testing at all health departments for anyone wanting to be tested. In the meantime, no local Zika cases have been reported how it is a matter of time until a solution is available to stop the spread.  You can make sure the risks are kept to a minimum by draining standing pools of water, wearing protecting clothing on exposed skin and using mosquito repellent.  Check with your doctor for the best line of defense if you are pregnant or planning to start a family over the next few months.


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