Florida Neighborhood Rally To Help Displaced Elderly Neighbor

December 14, 2016

© Olivier Le Queinec | Dreamstime

Sometimes you need to hear of a story that restores faith in doing the right thing.  We head down the gulf coast to Hudson, Florida, just north of Tampa where an elderly woman had lived with her husband in their home for 35 years.  Sadly, Angie Tyma's husband passed away and the woman fell on hard financial times.  A family friend who lies in Europe offered to purchase the house and rent it to Angie, which would give her some money to live on for her golden years. Everything seemed like it would work out, except the friend in Europe also fell into financial trouble and stopped paying the mortgage.  Unknown to Angie the bank foreclosed on the house, repossessed it and sold it to an investment company.  The company representative showed up to break the news to the 88 year old woman last month, who found all her belongings out next to the street and locked out of her home.  Neighbors rallied to help her, taking in her belongings and the county stored the rest. Pasco county Human Services was able to secure her temporary lodging a nearby motel but the clock was ticking. Angie, known to be quite a pistol in the neighborhood wasn't quite sure what her next move would be.  But Danielle Calder, one of Angie's neighbors was convinced by Angie to purchase the house from the investment company and rent it to her again and that's what Danielle did.  But before Angie moved back in, neighbors moved all her belongings back into the house and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Angie once again got the keys back to her house and on her 89th birthday.

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times

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