Florida Mother Disputes Charges After Delivering Baby In The Hospital Parking Lot

November 4, 2016

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This sounds more like a scene from a movie than real life.  Paula and Joseph were prepared to welcome their daughter, Daniella, into the world.  After 9 months the moment arrived and Daniella was ready to make her debut in April.  Unfortunately, traffic in Boca Raton can be tough to navigate and as Joseph is driving his wife to the delivery room at the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Danielle wasn't waiting.  In fact, Paula began delivering in the couple's jeep in the parking lot of the hospital and Joseph actually caught the baby's head before a midwife and nurses came out to complete the delivery.  All was well as Danielle was quite healthy as mother and daughter checked into the hospital for the next day and was released.  However when the bill arrived the couple were shocked to see the charges totaling more than $7,000.  Paula disputed the bill, making the claim that she did not give birth for hours inside the hospital, rather began delivery in the fire lane of the emergency room.  A hospital spokesperson said the Paula's objections were taken into consideration but the deemed the charges to be accurate with hospital personnel assisting in delivery and the recovery room too.  After 7 months they are still disputing it although Paula admits her options are pretty much exhausted and may ultimately have to accept the hospital's charges and has even set up a payment plan. But she's not happy about it and would like some sort of apology from the hospital.

SOURCE: Sun-Sentinel

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