Florida Man's Version of Dine and Dash Involving A Pizza Delivery

November 7, 2016

© Stephen Coburn | Dreamstime

You have got to be pretty hungry to order a pizza without any way to pay for it, which in case you were wondering is a crime and you can be arrested. That's what 60 year old James Chandler of Fort Pierce found out.  On October 23rd he placed a delivery order for a pizza and cinnamon sticks.  A few minutes later, a knock on the door indicated his food had arrived, except Chandler had no way of paying for it.  As he takes the food from the driver, he tell her that he has store credit and that he owed nothing.  As the delivery driver checks his claim, Chandler decides to gobble down a slice of pizza, pinches off a few pieces of cinnamon sticks and shoves the box back at the driver.  Upon returning to the pizza store, she contacted police who questioned Chandler.  His side of the story was he offered a check to pay for the delivery and was told it was not an acceptable form of payment.  He did admit to eating the food without paying.  He was arrested for defrauding an innkeeper.


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