Florida Man Wacks Car Salesman With a Golf Club Because He Only Won A $5 Gift Card

January 4, 2017


When you check the mailbox more often than not there are cards and letters from car dealers, filled with offers of free gift cards, TVs and cash!  83 year old Lindsey Owens of Sarasota received a mailer from a local car dealer promoting a big sales event and that if Owens came to the event and scratched off the card mailed to him, he could win prizes up to $20,000 in cash!  It was an offer he couldn't refuse and drove to the car dealership’s event about 8 miles away from his house and did all that was required to scratch off the ticket.  However Owens didn't win $20,000 in cash.  His winnings amounted to a $5 gift card.  That didn't sit well with Owens who must've though he was owed more.  He allegedly got back into his car with a vendetta and started to take aim at salesman Christian Robertson, who had his arm clipped by Owens car mirror. But it didn't stop there.  Owens stopped his car, got out and went into his trunk, tool out a golf club and hit Robertson in the face. Owns then fled the scene.  The incident was captured on video and sheriff deputies found Owens at his home and arrested him on two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. A judge placed him on supervised release.


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