Florida Man Punches Girlfriend Over Chocolate Chip Cookie

December 28, 2017


There are cookies and then there are cookies you are willing to assault your girlfriend and go to jail over.  Richard Anthony Hessic of Port St. Lucie must've been thinking of chocolate chip cookies all day as he became upset when he went to enjoy them only to find out some ate the last one. While presumably devastated about eth news, Richard's girlfriend joked about it and even suggesting he review surveillance cameras to determine who ate the cookie, and did not want to argue “over something so petty,” so she offered to purchase more cookies, according to his affidavit. But Richard wasn't satisfied with the answer and followed her into the bathroom where she was taking a shower.  He ripped down the shower curtain and punched her on the left side of her face.  Richard was arrested and charged with battery. The good news is his girlfriend doesn't appear to have any swelling or bruising from the punch.


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