Florida Man Plays Dead To Get Some Alone Time

December 8, 2016


You know your relationship is on the rocks when you pretend to play dead to get some peace and quiet. Christopher Blatus lives in Vero Beach and had been sleeping when a man named Marcus, who he has helped in the past, stopped by to tell Christopher that his mother had died and that he needed a ride, we assume to see his mother's body.  However Christopher wasn't willing to be a chauffeur that day and suggested to Marcus to find someone else to give him a lift and to leave his property.  That's when allegedly Marcus became aggressive and begin yelling obscenities at Christopher.  But rather than argue to become physical, Christopher took a page out of the opossum's playbook, laid on the ground and pretended to be dead. Marcus then splashed Blatus with water to try and wake him up. Then Christopher, seeing hat the playing dead stunt wouldn't work, began to fake an asthma attack, again hoping that Marcus would leave. Marcus gave the Chris an asthma inhaler and could sense he wasn't wanted on the property, so he got the keys to Christopher's car and drove off. Vero Beach police found the car at another home with Marcus, who was arrested.  However Christopher declined to press any charges.

SOURCE: Sebastain Daily

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