Florida Man Impersonates Nickelback Drummer To Swindel Microphones

March 2, 2017


Leave it to one individual who calls Florida home to claim to be the drummer for Nickelback as he tries to steal $25,000 worth of microphones!  Ask any Nickelback fan where the band calls home and it's doubtful they would say Port St. Lucie.  However that is where 45-year old Howard Koenig lives and this convicted fraud felon was allegedly in talks with an Austrian company to buy several microphones for a drum kit.  Koenig, a drummer in a series of bands, including Billy Idol and Aerosmith tribute bands, identified himself as Daniel Adair, the drummer of Nickelback.  According to the arrest report, Koenig created an email account and ordered the microphones.  The bill was sent to the real Nickelback accountants, who flagged it.  It was the real Daniel Adair who did some investigation and found Koenig online, who indeed played drums and even had the same configuration of drums as he did.  Police were able to execute a search warrant while Koenig was home and he allegedly admitted to the fraud and impersonation and arrested.

SOURCE: The Smoking Gun

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