Florida Man Hies Legless Girlfriend In Plastic Storage Bin To Keep From Police

May 15, 2018


With the weather warming up, the craziness of Florida is starting to stir around like a sprayed roach. 39-year-old Krystle Lee Anderson was a woman wanted by the Polk County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Marshals for a 2015 incident when she allegedly held people hostage at an Ocoee Burger King with a BB gun. According to the report, when police arrived she was ordered to drop her weapon to which she then pointed it at the officer.   The incident resulted in her legs being shot and eventually both were amputated.  The now 4-foot woman failed to appear in an Orange County courtroom to answer the charges against her.  Since then she has been a fugitive on the loose until a tip surfaced last week said Anderson was seen at her boyfriend's house in Winter Haven.  When officers arrived at the boyfriend’s home, he said Anderson was not there. However as the Sheriff Deputies and Marshalls were making their way to the door, they noticed Anderson’s boyfriend placing her inside a plastic storage tote. Anderson was arrested without incident and both were taken to jail.

SOURCE: Lakeland Ledger

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