Florida Man Fights To Keep Emotional Support Squirrel

November 14, 2017

© Gradts | Dreamstime

There is a fight brewing at Island Walk Condominiums in Clearwater Beach between the condo association and Ryan Boylan.  At the center of the battle is his pet squirrel named Brutis.  Although a squirrel is not as common of a pet as a dog or cat, Brutis is an emotional support animal. Boylan said he found the squirrel trapped under someone's car in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew last year.  Things seemed OK for Brutis until it came to the attention of the property manager in April when a dog chased the squirrel up a tree.  Since then the condo association has told Boyland to get rid of Brutis and last month sent him an eviction notice.  However in July, Boylan registered Brutis as an emotional support animal after obtaining a note from his doctor.  How the case is in civil court.  Boyland says "There's absolutely no way I would give her up."


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