Florida Man Beats Up ATM For Giving Him Too Much Money

December 27, 2017


Leave it to a Floridian to beat up an ATM because it game him too much money! 23-year old Michael Joseph Oleksik needed to get some cash on November 29th while on his way to work.  In a hurry, he went to a Wells Fargo ATM in Cocoa Beach.  Unknowingly to Michael was the machine was malfunctioning but rather than not dispensing cash or keeping his debit card, the ATM began to spit out money.  More than what was being requested the machine, Michel began to pummel the ATM in an effort for it to stop spitting out cash.  The incident was captured on camera and Michael fessed up to his beating of the machine and called the bank once it opened to confess his assault and to apologize.  However Michael's reign of fists into the ATM caused $5,000 worth of damage, according to the bank. The bank ended up calling the police asking to press charges against Michael, who was arrest Friday and released on bail.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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