Florida Man Attacked With Weed Whacker

October 5, 2016

© Jerryb8 | Dreamstime

Never bring a knife to a weed whacker fight, or something like that!  True to its Only In Florida tag, two neighbors in St. Petersburg get involved in a fight with one of them breaking out the weed whacker to attack the other. The fight actually began a few weeks ago when Dan Lorek saw Jeffrey Koshen drive his truck down their flooded street a little too fast, splashing Lorek and soaking is phone, wallet and paperwork in his hand. Last Friday, Lorek noticed Koshen was out doing some yard work and decided to let him know about the splashing.  In Lorek's words, he told his neighbor "you're not a nice person, in layman's terms, for doing what he did to me. He swore at me and came at my truck with a weed eater." Lorek got out of his truck to confront him, where Koshen attack him at full weed whacker power.  The two eventually got into a scuffle before another neighbor took the weed whacker away.  Lorek suffered cuts on his legs, back and head. Koshen was arrested and later told police he knew the weed eater would hurt him but "it wouldn't hospitalize him."

SOURCE: Fox 13 

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