Florida Faces Insurance Adjuster Shortages In Wake Of Irma

September 15, 2017


As the cleanup from Irma continues many homeowners will be filing claims with their insurance to repair the damage created from the storm.  But it may be a while before they send someone out to take a look at the damage because there simply are not enough claims adjusters to go around right now. Considering Hurricanes Harvey and Irma made landfall a little more than two weeks apart, many insurance companies simply do not have enough adjustors in Florida because the majority are currently in Texas and Louisiana.  While this shortage is affecting most insurance companies, it especially hits the medium and smaller companies, which many Florida homeowners have chosen.  It has created a virtual tug-of-war between insurance companies in Florida and Texas, as the longer an insurance adjustor takes to survey the damage, the more costly it will be to fix the damage and that's bad news for all. However it may be a financial windfall for anyone with a license to adjust claim.  Companies are paying more for adjusters to work Irma than they’ve ever paid insurance adjusters ever.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal

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