Florida Drug Dealer Calls 911 To Report Stolen Cocaine

July 20, 2017


You wouldn't expect a self-described drug dealer to call police to report his stash of drugs stolen, but this is Florida where we've become accustomed to the unexpected!  It seemed like a normal Sunday morning when 32-year old David Blackman got into his car parked and noticed he had been robbed of $50 cash and a quarter ounce of cocaine from the center console of his car. So he called 911 to report that his cash and drugs had been stolen.  An Okaloosa County Sheriff Deputy was dispatched to solve the mystery and although they couldn't find the stolen cash, they did find a baggie of cocaine in the center console of the car, plus crack rock and a pipe next to it.  No word if this was the bag that was supposedly missing or an additional stash.  Needless to say, David was arrested for possession of cocaine.  The stolen cash is still missing.

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