Florida Drivers Films Snake Emerging From Hood of Car While Driving

October 20, 2016

© Amwu | Dreamstime

While many of us end the day with a mindless commute home, Tim Mokwa of Clearwater noticed he had a sneaky hitchhiker under the hood of his car.  While driving home on US 19 Monday afternoon, Tim notices a snake slithering out from the hood of his car.  At first, it was a small green head in the driver's side corner of his windshield as Tim realizes the small greenhead was heading towards his open driver's door window.  He was able to roll it up in time to keep the snake out and immediately pulled off the busy highway into a store parking pot and filmed a 6 ft eastern indigo snake emerging from under the engine hood. Maybe because it's so close to Halloween or maybe because Tim's 2005 Hyundai Sonata is a comfortable car, the snake slithered back under the hood.  Not sure of the next step, Tim drove home, parked his car and hasn't seen the snake since and his girlfriend refuses to go near the car.  Tim believes he picked up the stowaway snake while kayaking in Weeki Wachee last weekend.

SOURCE: 12 News

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