Florida Driver Fined For Car Dealer License Plate Frame

September 15, 2016


Your car could be in violation of the law right now and you wouldn't know it until you are caught by law enforcement.  It's not your window tint.  It's not your taillight. It's your license plate frame.  The rectangular piece of steel or plastic many car dealers slap on your car so everyone can see where you purchased that sweet ride of yours.  However Florida law states your license plate is not to be obstructed, which includes the numbers, renewal sticker and the web address at the top of plates.  Victoria Herrington of Lakeland got quite a surprise when she was issued a $114 ticket for having the top part of license plate obscured by a dealership frame screwed in with the plate.  Although the law is rarely enforced, law enforcement agencies generally leave it to the officer's discretion. In this case, the fine of $114 is legal and is payable for the violation.  Herrington contacted the car dealership, to which they were in disbelief and did send Herrington a check to cover the fine.  The dealership is considering redesigning their license plate frames or doing away with them altogether.


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