Florida Criminal Googles Instructions on How To Rob A Bank

October 16, 2017


Thanks to the Internet you can have just about any question answered.  For 26-year old William Joe Johnson of Pinellas County wasn’t quite sure about how to rob a bank.  So he Googled, "How to Rob A Bank" and we assume, was able to learn the technique of walking into a bank, imply you have a gun and demand cash.  Because that is exactly what he did at a bank on October 5th.  However his Googled search results didn't include shielding his face from the security cameras as police were able to find Johnson at a hotel in Pinellas Park within a few days. According to the Pinellas County Sheriff's office, Johnson told deputies he needed money and did a Google search for "how to rob a bank" before going through with the crime. As for the undisclosed ammo9unt of cash, Johnson told investigators he had already spent all of the money and had planned to rob another bank the following day if the law hadn't caught up to him.  Johnson was arrested for bank robbery. Perhaps be can Google instructions on how to hire an attorney to defend him in court!


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