Florida Couples Are Happier Than Average

October 25, 2017

© Lisa F. Young | Dreamstime

Although Virginia state it's for lovers, full of crazy Florida is packed with love and harmony.  A new survey found that couples in Florida fight 17 times per month, which is lower than the national average of 19 times.  Couples in Alaska, South Dakota, Maine and West Virginia tied for the happiest in the country with about 9 arguments a month.  Couples in Delaware report an average of 73 disagreements per month, followed by Rhode Island and Hawaii with 47 a month, and Wyoming at 34 incidents a month.  However all that happiness may be due to couples sleeping apart.  Florida couples spend roughly a week in separate beds per month, which is higher than the national average and while West Virginia touts the highest happiness numbers in the country, couples spend 12 nights alone each month, South Dakota couples spent 11 nights apart and the state known for lovers, Virginia, couples spend about 10 night a month on the couch!

SOURCE: Mattress Clarity 

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