Florida Couple Discover Snake Living In Their Attic For Years

August 11, 2017

© Amwu | Dreamstime

Another reason to freak out when you hear noises in the attic.  An Englewood couple say they noticed bumps in the night for many years and just downplayed them as squirrels or rats.  However the constant sounds were enough for Bob van der Herchen to finally take a peek in the attic and attempt to find the source of the noises.  He never expected to find a snake over six feet long slithering around the attic.  At first they tried the advice of animal control of turning on the dryer in an attempt to get the snake to move towards the heat (as if the attic wasn’t hot enough).  Later they laid out poison while proved to be ineffective.  Four days passed after the discovery before a professional snake handler arrived to remove it, but the snake but it wasn't leaving without a fight.  After an hour of intense wrangling, the six foot boa constrictor was removed.  Apparently it had been in the attic for years.  Based on the number of snake skins, the snake handler estimated it had lived there for about four years, nesting in a spot over the couple’s Florida room, where they spend a good portion of their day.  The handler speculated that the one-time pet had climbed into the attic by climbing a tree.  As for the boa, it has a new home with the handler, presumably not in his attic!


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