Florida community rallies to save 110 year old lobster from the dinner table

July 22, 2016

A lot of things have happened over the past 110 years.  Imagine the story Larry the Lobster could tell you as he sits inside the fresh lobster tank at the Tin Fish Restaurant in Sunrise.  Larry, as he is now known, weighs in at 15lbs, which restaurant owner Joe Melluso’s thought would make quite a meal for a few of his customers considering most of the lobster he serves are about 5 lbs.  However a lobster of that size is one that is going to grab some attention and Larry did.  A social media post caught the eye of Amir Rossi, a business owner, who thought Larry shouldn't end up on a dinner plate and plan to rally the community to save Larry and return him to the sea.  In no time at all, other local business owners had collected well over the $300 needed to buy Larry at the restaurant and through the environmental agency, iRescue Wildlife, they talked to Melluso to find out where he was caught.  So Larry was wrapped in a wet cloth and sent overnight mail to Maine State Aquarium, where officials will examine Larry, which based on his size estimate him to be 110 years old, and will live out the rest of his days at the aquarium or returned to the sea. 

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