Flip Flop Buying Tips

June 12, 2018

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If orange juice is the official drink of Florida, then the flip-flop has to be the official shoe.  With another summer set to officially arrive a week from Thursday, we thought you could use some tips on updating your flip-flop collection as the choices are numerous and the prices range from an affordable $5 Old Navy pair to a staggering $620 crocodile leather style by Italian designer Bottega Veneta. Style experts say designer flip-flops aren’t typically worth the splurge simply because of lack of standardization in quality between brands (you’ll never know for sure if your expensive flip flop will make it to Labor Day). In most cases, you get a good selection that are available for under $30. Doctors say it’s best to pick a pair that has some cushioning, and to avoid wearing them for more than three hours at a time so you don’t get foot cramps. When you’re going to get wet, go rubber and plastic; when you want to go elegant, go with leather. However the decades old reign of the flip-flop appears to be challenged by the slide. Flip-flop sales in the U.S. from April through September 2017 declined by 9% from the previous year. Meanwhile, sales of sports slides grew by 31% during those months.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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