Fleeing Fugitive Stops At Drive Thru For Food While being Chased

October 31, 2016


Being a fugitive from the law can make a man hungry. 35-year-old Joshua Adkins was driving through the streets of Phoenix, Arizona Wednesday night when police tried to stop him for an outstanding warrant.  A short chase ensued but to protect the public safety on busy streets, police cars backed of the chase as a police helicopter took over to follow Adkins.  He must've though he'd beat the police and to celebrate, decides to pull off into a In N’ Out Burger drive through to place a food order.  However the circling police helicopter must have reminded Adkins he was still a wanted man.  So he left after a few seconds at the take out window and proceeded home, where police were able to corner him before he was able to enter his home. He was arrested on suspicion of unlawful flight from law enforcement, aggravated assault-domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment.


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