Flame Resistant Plastics In Your Home May Be Making It Harder To Start A Family

August 31, 2017

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A scary report is out for woman and their fertility as a common chemical used in many household items can lead to heartache and frustration. Researchers from Harvard took a look at women undergoing in vitro fertilization.  It found a common chemical used to make polyurethane foam, building insulation and electronics fire and flame resistant called organophosphate flame retardants, PFR for short, present in 80% of the participant’s urine samples.  PFRs are growing in popularity as of those, the women with the higher concentration of PFRs had a 40% chance of their procedure being successful. Most likely the plastic foam items in your home contain the chemical, from the foam inside couches and cars to hand wipes and yoga mats!  The research isn't surprising as little is known about Organophosphate flame retardants in humans, as the more toxic flame retardant, PBDE is being phased out, which is shown to cause problems in brain development.  Researchers says couples who are wishing to start a family may want to stay clear of products that are labeled as free of flame retardants. Frequent hand washing and vacuuming can limit exposure in your home and car.

SOURCE: Whimn & New York Times

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