Five Thing Predicted To Be Extinct In Ten Years

May 21, 2018

© Dmitriy Filin | Dreamstime

Can you imagine a world where there is no iTunes or credit cards?  Best-selling author and futurist Michael McQueen, draws upon a decade of research into future trends and makes some pretty bold predictions for our world by 2028. One of them is the elimination of credit and debit cards.  Because of new technologies our good looks may be all we need to make a purchase.  He points out two current technologies which are using facial recognition systems that are being tested in the real world now.  He also say parking lots and garages will be out too.  The think tank, RethinkX, predicts that by 20207, 90% of passenger miles in the US each year will be travelled in autonomous vehicles in vehicles not owned by 'drivers.' Artificial intelligence (AI) will reduce the need for human-operated call centers.  McQueen believes this as technology research leader Gartner estimates says by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be handled by AI. iTunes burst on the scene in 2001 and revolutionized the way we enjoy movies, books and music but McQueen believes it's says are numbered. According to both Nielsen Music and BuzzAngle, music downloads suffered double-digit drops last year and have they've been sinking for years. With so many services offering streams for a monthly fee, less are purchasing music. The final prediction is the loss of the service station. The growth of electric vehicles, rising costs of fossil fuels and machines becoming more efficient means the need to stop and fill up with gas simply won't be there.