The Five Scents Of Love

July 31, 2018


Keeping things spicy in a relationship can be challenging at times. However you can use the most sensitive essence of the human body to your advantage. Our sense of smell 10,000 times more sensitive than sight, sound or touch, so depend of these five scents to spark some interest. Chocolate products contain the same pheromone found in roses which triggers sensations of love, happiness and uplifted mood. Warm it up to release more of its intoxicating scent. Speaking of roses, its scent causes the body to release the “happy hormones” dopamine and serotonin. Warm rose essential oil should do the trick. Citrus fruits of lemon, limes and oranges emit an energy boosting scent that automatically makes humans more alert and causes you to pay attention. Mint triggers feelings of excitement and pleasure. Vanilla hasn't earned its place as the world's most universally loved dessert flavor for nothing. The seductive aroma from the vanilla bean contains chemical component heliotropin which can lead to an exciting evening with the one you love.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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